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Monday, 25 November 2019

The online free source for every teacher and students !

The online free source for every teacher and students!

Nowadays, in education, the medium of digital medium is speaking head on. For which the online free source for every teacher and students! One reason for this is that in the digital medium, everyone gets an equal chance to show their skills. Everyone is coming online, increasing their knowledge, understanding, different types of tricks, short cuts, correct and accurate understanding of learning. Now in this kind of environment, the old Gurukul system of our country is being created. Even before, the one who was a knower, the one who was a master, taught the same, either in his own way or well! No one could stop him. Even the king of the kingdom did not have the right to interfere in his work. Today is the time to come back. Android applications, videos, files and don't know what system is coming in this knowledge area! It is as if a revolution has come. The time to come will surely be a digital system running on cloud beige. Today we have brought the best help available in digital medium to all you students, teachers or anyone who wants to study, wants to study in their own way!

With the help of which you will be able to learn a lot, you will be able to learn! Nowadays everything is going online. So let's know some applications and files related to the best education available online!

Keep in mind one thing. You do not have to spend any money for these. Neither do you have to activate any membership. They are all free. Just install or login with your live mail and enjoy the topic you like. So let's know.

Android Application

There are many applications available today for Gujarati students and teachers. But most of them continue to show AIDS. From here to there, from here to there you keep distracting your attention. But today we will tell which applications are the best ones for you. So the name of that application is.
Shala mitra

Yes, search this name in Google's Play Store and download the application with the picture below. enough . Now you will be able to learn, or learn a lot in this application!

Which includes:
All books from class 1 to 12 till date. There was an update too.
рдк Separate PDF file of all books or chapters. Which you can download to your mobile. Can also read offline. You will find newspapers, some government related school magazines and more in this app.

MC MCQs have also been given according to each unit or chapter.

◆ Randomly MCQs you can also like.

◆ You can also see blue print of old question paper, essay, exam.

◆ The biggest thing is if you can create content, then you can help them by contacting the address given in this application. In return, you can also earn some money in their partnership. This is not a big deal Work work and money money!

National Digital Library of India
This application is very useful for every fellow. This is a Government of India application. In which you can read countless books by subject, category, juice, source, author. That too free! All you need is your live mail. Very useful for a teacher, modifier, Gyan Pipasu, student and general public.
So this is the application!

Now it is the turn of the file so you can search free PDF online. Search the name of whatever you want to know and enjoy the knowledge!

These are not ordinary references but are very rich treasures which will increase as much as they share and will bring prosperity. So spread this article as much as you can. Take knowledge from everyone and share knowledge with everyone.


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