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Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Coronavirus LIVE updates: India cases at 29451; global tally hits 3,077,166

Coronavirus LIVE updates: The tally of corona in India has risen to 29,451, and the number of global cases now stands at 3,077,166. Stay with Business Standard for Covid 19 LIVE updates

updates in India: India's total count of (Covid-19) cases has reached 29,451 and the currently stands at 939, according to Worldometer data. With cases continuously rising, the nationwide might be extended beyond May 3.

 Many states seemed to called for this during their meeting with Prime Minister in a video-conference on Monday. It was not time yet to lift the curbs, they suggested.
world report: Globally, 3,077,166 people have been infected by corona and 211,964 people have died from the disease so far. The countries most affected by the coronavirus pandemic – Italy, Spain, Germany, the US, China, New Zealand, Norway, Germany, etc – have either ended or will soon end their stringent lockdowns. 

Nations hit with most cases at present: The US (1,010,123), Spain (229,422), Italy (199,414), France (165,842) and Germany (158,758).

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