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Saturday, 16 May 2020

In the last 12 hours, 32 more workers who were going home died - read the report

The nationwide lockdown caused by the coronavirus has become a mountain of difficulties for tourists. A large number of migrant workers traveling long distances are falling prey to road accidents. Another couple was killed in a road accident in Uttar Pradesh today. This is the third tragedy in the country in twelve hours, with 32 people killed so far in all three.

While many are seriously injured. A tempo truck overturned on the Lucknow Expressway. According to the information received, the family was going from Haryana to Bihar by tempo. In Agra, there was a huge accident between a tempo and a truck which resulted in the death of the husband and wife. They also have an innocent five-year-old child. It may be mentioned that Ashok was driving a rickshaw in Haryana and was going to Darbhanga in Bihar with his family due to lockdown.

Earlier in the day, 24 workers were killed and around 40 others were injured in a head-on collision between a truck and an Arena at Uttar Pradesh's Arena at around 3.30 am. According to information received, the truck from Delhi was parked on a slope. Some of them went downstairs for tea and some were seated. All of them were residents of different districts of Uttar Pradesh.

Meanwhile, another truck coming from Faridabad with 20 laborers later collided with a truck from Delhi and overturned. The truck from Faridabad was also packed with sacks, carrying tourists from Jharkhand, Bihar, UP and West Bengal. Some of the laborers were crushed under these sacks until they were pulled out and many of them died. Regarding the road mishap, PM Modi said that the road mishap is very tragic.

Apart from Uttar Pradesh, migrant workers are also seen in Madhya Pradesh. Six migrant workers were killed in the tragedy in Madhya Pradesh. According to information, a truck full of laborers overturned near Sagar Semra Pool under Khan Thana on Sagar Kanpur Road. Nineteen workers were injured and five died in the accident.

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