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Friday, 18 September 2020


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why are you all watch out for corona virus now therefore the whole world is advancing in health and prosperity. We now know that the sole thanks to prevent corona virus isn't to go away the house without work and whenever it's necessary to go away ,

Please contact your local Health Care Worker (Asha Worker), Health Subcentre or Block Medical Office to get yourself registered by adding your mobile number to the health database. 

Note: Only after registration with the Department of Health, the quarantined person will be able to login to this app. 

After downloading the app, ensure the following settings before login to this app.

The App is for people in Himachal Pradesh, who have been home quarantined after registering with the Department of Health, Himachal Pradesh. 

Location Access service is "On" and set to High Accuracy

Battery Saver mode is switched "Off"

Application Status as "Auto Start" is Always On.

Turn on "Background Data" to this App. 

Lock your quarantine location with the help of the assigned Health Care Worker. 


Please ensure you are in your home while locking location. Standing just outside will ensure high accuracy of GPS data. 

Source :- Zee 24 Kalak

Corona VIROUS UPDATE on date.16/08/2020

Imported link..


. We aren't sure to offer you this kisli information. Hopefully today's update of Corona is as follows

daily visit our site
We aren't sure to provide you with this kisli info. Hopefully today's update of Corona is as follows

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