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Sunday, 20 September 2020

The right to acquire the right to occupy the land for 12 years

What are the common changes in land rights and its entry from time to time?

(1) Family verbal sharing

(Ii) From the gift of Mohammedan Law Anwar and from the sale, sale release, bounty, gir, shangiro, registered document of conditional sale.

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(2) In case of death of the person whose name appears in the title deed as occupant, from the right of inheritance if the applicant receives it from the registered or unregistered (last) will of the deceased.

(3) Grant of Government land permanently to any person or organization under the orders of the competent Revenue Officers or the Government.

(4) Converting agricultural land into non-agricultural land

Conversion of land acquired under new condition or limited power type to transferable power type i.e. old condition.

By acquiring the right of calculation on any agricultural land

To settle the land if GB is repaid

By order of the Civil Court.

How the title deed is kept.

There are two main forms for a charter. One village has a register like Form No.-2 and another water sheet. Mallot comes to his list etc.

Village Sample No. 3-12 is a link of the title deed. This is because the numbered note is numbered as the basis for the change. And the name of the new occupant is entered by filing a case against the occupier whose rights have been violated.

Certification certifies an illegal transaction.

No illegal transaction is legal even though the note is certified. It remains illegal.

Who is the competent authority to certify entry.

Any revenue officer who is not below the rank of Deputy Mamlatdar can certify the change entry made in the village sample no. Such officers also include District Land Registry Inspectors.

Apart from the Deputy Mamlatdar working as a revenue officer, the Aval Karkun i.e. the Deputy Mamlatdar who has got such rights from the Collector can also certify the entries. The Circle Officer also has the power to certify entries. 

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Full Details In Gujarati

Right To Accuire Land Form

Right To Accuire Land For 12 years 

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