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Wednesday, 27 January 2021


If he teaches, who will administer?  In fact, the principal is the professor first and then the principal.  He is the number one professor.  A principal who shares his work with a view to maximum activism, interest, enthusiasm, coordination, study and coordination never backs down. 

Decentralization - Decentralization - Never trusting or frequently interfering principals can never generate reliability.  Hypocritical principals and sincere professors never match.  Yet it must be said that the economics of counterfeit coins are understandable.  False coins push the real coins backwards and out quickly, just like the principals.  Not everyone has respect for Acharya due to lack of vision. 

The spirit of "We Feeling" is found in the principal who reads, thinks, discusses wisely and encourages his colleagues to work wholeheartedly, exemplified by character, methodology, specific approach and human point of view.  Besade is constantly looking at the principal with all due respect because unselfishly, like the Olia man, he is constantly thinking of paying 100 per cent of the salary and position he has received. 

Kindness is found in every transaction.  Mental discipline is found in every plan.  Professional ethics are found in every step of management.  As a strong and successful leader of the organization, it is natural for the first citizen to have high expectations of the people, the society and the state or the nation working with a sense of professionalism and responsibility.  Putting this fact aside, some principals are seen leaning towards opportunistic and opportunistic personalities. 

Principals are becoming entrepreneurs trying to develop the institution of education on a "commercial" basis instead of being a conscious sentry of values.  Bhishmapita is killed in complete safety by wearing the shield and kundal of the institution to further the interests of the students or the teacher. 

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The development or collapse of institutions depends on the principals' point of view, dedication, business acumen and love for students.  Most of the principals of the organization do their work for others.  Prepares registers, records, accounts, clerks.  The principal simply signs, the principals who use the spare time they have for the development of the institution or to teach the students can be counted on the fingertips,

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