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Sunday, 21 March 2021

Microsoft Word: Write, Edit & Share Docs on the Go

Read and edit documents attached to emails, collaborate with your team and bring your bring fee wherever you go with Microsoft Word. The Word application from Micro .ft allows you to quickly, easily create, read, edit and share your files.

Word introduces a mobile PDF reader for your phone. Edit documents and read PDFs or e-books while traveling, at bedtime, or wherever you want.

Documents, blogs, write-ups or resumes on the go. Write letters, resumes, documents or notes in your own way with strong tools that enable you to write with the best formatting options.

Writing an app and word processor is as easy as you want, whether you're a blogger, author, journalist, columnist, student, or project manager working on documentation. Your office fees go with you when you use Microsoft Word.

Write a letter, create templates, read Word documents, edit documents and collaborate with your team wherever you are with Micro .ft Word.

Micro Word Word Features:

Create documents with confidence

Create desks, assignments, letters, blogs, scripts, notes, resumes and more with beautifully designed modern templates.

Rich editing with rich formatting and layout.

Document editor formats and layouts look ancient and nice.

Sdx application with templates for resumes, forms and more.

Read, write and edit

Read discs, letters, PDFs, scripts and more from Reading View on your device.

Edit PDF documents by converting them into Word documents.

ડી PDF File Conversion: Save as a PDF after editing and share your PDF file with a few taps.

Collaborate and share with anyone, anywhere

 Project managers can collaborate by commenting in your doc next to the text.

Team Read and edit documents as a team and stay on top of changes in text, layout and formatting.

 Editor version history lets you go back to view previous drafts.

Download App

Sharing is easy

Files Share files and collaborate with a few taps.

& File and Doc Permission Management which lets you see who works on them.

Format Copy .fd Word files directly to the main body of his email with its format or attach your PDFs and docs to the email.

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