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Sunday, 21 March 2021

U-Dictionary Oxford Dictionary Free Now Translate

U-Dictionary is a free dictionary and translation application.he U-Dictionary now has the official Ford Oxford Dictionary in 12 languages!ne fly line translation is also available! Enjoy full offline flyline translation in 58 languages.

U-Dictionary takes originally developed dictionaries, Collins Advanced Dictionary, Wordnet Dictionary, original examples, synonyms, antonyms and so much more. It also provides English videos, games and quizzes to help you improve your English.

A U-dictionary is much more than a simple dictionary! Effortlessly translate texts, pictures, or conversations into 108 languages. It caters to all your translation needs, including study, work and travel abroad.


Ical Fiscal Ox Oxford Dictionaries: Check out Indian Oxford Dictionaries in 12 languages, including 7 Indian languages. Learn from a large number of authoritative word definitions and sample 


Magical translation: Translate to WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram to track what is happening to celebrities. Chat without borders and read without interruptions.

Text Translation: Translate any two of the 108 languages.

Camera My Translation: Quick to translate any text around you instantly. Recognizes 93 languages.

Conversation translation: 49 pronunciations, between 35 languages.

Check grammar: Check English text and correct mistakes easily. Enjoy error free writing.

Quick Translation: Translate in 1 second without opening the U-Dictionary.

Line Fly Dictionary: Free download of 44 languages ​​and synonyms, Anton on M, Collins Advanced Dictionary and Wordnet Dictionary for Fly Packages.

Line Flyn Translation: Free download of Line Flyn translation packages for 58 languages. Free from network limitations.

Word Screen: Show the words you selected on the lock screen. Expand your vocabulary at any time.

Copy in translation: Copy words or sentences in any application and get the meaning immediately. (Note: Not available in Android 10.0+ due to restric access restriction.)

My words: Bookmark important words in different folders. Review from time to time.

Perfect English pronunciation: Authentic UK (British) and US (American) pronunciation. Listen and learn.

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Original examples: Authoritative sentences collected from famous international news websites.

Word Games: Search-synonym game and spell game. Play and learn.

Funny videos: Learn English with ease and fun.

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