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Tuesday, 20 April 2021

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I am a Master Trainer with a Master Teacher credential. I'm a graduate of the San Francisco School of Yoga and the Center for Transformation School of Workout and Health. I've been practicing yoga since 2000 and continue to grow my practice with workshops, classes and retreats.My love of yoga started as a child when I made origami while attending a summer camp for kids in Siena, Italy. I went to a yoga and meditation retreat in Costa Rica, worked as a healthcare nurse and then traveled to Bhutan.

We will end each class with a set of breath work to help you return to your rhythm. A wonderful experience and is a perfect way to end your workout! All Levels. A fun and challenging class that will definitely get your heart pumping! A dynamic series of postures that will strengthen, lengthen and tone your body. The class is designed to improve flexibility, balance, and strengthen muscles, fascia, and joints. This class is accessible to all levels. This class is all levels, but is slightly more challenging than the rest. The style of this class focuses on increasing the strength, endurance and flexibility of the student, but also on the subtlety of the poses.

This class is suitable for beginners as well as advanced students of yoga. Our classes make up a 4hr session. This class is perfect for those with busy schedules, and those wishing to gain strength, flexibility, core strength and balance. This group class will help you understand the importance of posture. The goal of the class is to develop a solid foundation for our students in order to make good choices and exercise safely.

These classes will focus on each students progress in yoga, both as a beginner and a continued student. They will also explore the benefits of yoga through the eyes of someone who has been through a lot! They will be looking to increase flexibility, improve posture, and release chronic pain. All classes are for all levels of ability. All students move at their own pace and are guided by the experienced instructors. All levels welcome!

The next level is a combination of yoga, pilates and aerobics. These classes combine the strength, flexibility and cardio training of the more traditional classes into one. Learn a specific movement that will tone your body and get you in the best shape of your life. If you are looking to improve your lung capacity, increase your flexibility, or work on your strength and endurance, this class is for you. At this level you will learn the basic pilates exercises and learn the basic and advanced postures. In this level you will also learn the basic yoga postures and how to work them into your practice in a fun and challenging way.

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Classes are for clients who have completed at least one yoga practice class prior to booking.All of our teachers are first come first served. Please arrive 10 minutes early to reserve a spot in this class. A series of six classes that focus on the basic sequence of yoga postures, as taught by our founder, Yogi Bhajan. Each class is performed at a different pace, and often in different positions, to allow the beginner to feel comfortable while the advanced students to feel challenged. Expect to experience a flow with several poses and a guided meditation sequence before progressing to more advanced poses.

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