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Tuesday, 20 April 2021

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A unique concert celebrating the 40th anniversary of one of London’s leading boys choirs. The programme is a wide-ranging one, with music from Bethoven to Erik Satie, reflecting the varied work of the Schola, which is heard in cathedrals and churches all over the world, in London’s opera houses and on numerous film tracks.

In the spirit of all good things, we’re pleased to announce that the Worshipful Company of Choral Musicians (WCCM) has been selected to be the official organist for a concert by Bethoven on the 40th anniversary of his most famous work. The concert will be held at the Guildhall, London on 24-26 March 2015.

Concert was founded in 1992 by renowned British composer Michael Gershwin (1940) who has been performing as a soloist at Royal Albert Hall since his graduation in 1962.

As the world’s leading boys’ choir, the Schola is a group of singers who have been together for over a century. The group has played at many major opera houses and has performed in over 100 productions, and has been featured in a range of film-makers’ productions.

Concert is an evening of musical theatre, theatre and theatre-making. It is a gathering of like-minded people in pursuit of the same goal: the sharing of ideas, the expression of love and creativity, the celebration of the human spirit. Concert is the time to do the unthinkable: to think, to act, to invent, to listen, to act, to invent and to make.

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The Schola in the Borough of Tower Hamlets is a theatre, theatre company and concert orchestra. It was founded in 2007 and is one of the leading London performing arts organisations. The Schola in the Borough of Tower Hamlets is also a member of the Federation of Concert Operas and a Music Director for the London Philharmonic Orchestra. The Schola in the Borough of Tower Hamlets is one of the leading musical groups in London.

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