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Tuesday, 20 April 2021

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A highly focused, highly fun, highly energetic practice designed to challenge you mentally, physically, and emotionally. This class is for all levels. In this class you will learn the basic yoga postures, then the flow of the class. Some of the postures will be new to you while others will be practiced hundreds of times.

 It is a gentle, but effective, way to strengthen the body and mind. Expect to be challenged, and leave feeling strong, and empowered to create an amazing, beautiful yoga practice. You can choose between a beginner or intermediate level class. The instructor will teach an individualized workout for the students of the class.

Parivar No Malo

The yoga room is heated to 60 degrees. The classes are for all levels and experience levels. All of our programs are designed to bring you the best and most effective workout of your life. Classes are for all levels and are offered by personal trainers. We take great pride in the quality of our work and our commitment to you. We work with our trainers to create classes that are fun, challenging and that you will want to come back for time and time again. The biggest benefit of training at our gym is that it affords us more time for our community.

As a family of teachers, we have been teaching since 1992. We are a group of five family members and we share our passion for teaching yoga. We have been teaching since the mid-90s, and we know the benefits of regular yoga practice. We have dedicated the past three years to expanding our practice and improving our teaching methodology to serve our community. We have been honored to offer yoga workshops to the community at various community centers in our community. We have also taught for many years at many of the local Community Yoga Centers in the Seattle area.

Our mission ependent, family run business with a focus on serving people of all ages, abilities and interests.I run a full service studio in Eastbourne, specifically designed for the needs of the overworked, overworked teacher. I have a passion for sharing the benefits of yoga with young people as well as providing a space for parents to relax and flow. I have a strong belief in the importance of relaxation and I love teaching yoga to adults as well as offering a variety of classes and workshops.

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Our mission ue school and studio, we offer a wide variety of classes in both our studio and our classroom to cater to all levels. We have the largest yoga community on the West Coast and we serve nearly 1,000 students and teachers. As a boutique school and studio, we offer a wide variety of classes in both our studio and our classroom to cater to all levels.

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