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Friday, 16 April 2021

SIM Card Detail Name and Address. How to Know Sim Owner Name

Now everyone has the freedom to choose their preferred network provider but the first requirement to connect to the network is ID proof. In case of registration of more than one network, it becomes difficult for us to know from which network our ID is registered. To get rid of all these problems, today we will tell you how to get the details of the owner of Airtel SIM like name, address, customer ID, date of SIM activation etc.

In our previous post, we shared a list of Airtel USSD codes, with which you can get information about data balance and other things, but just follow the method given below to check the details of Airtel postpaid and prepaid simcard owner, you can succeed.

If you also want to know the details of SIM card owner then this article is for you, after reading this article you will be able to learn the details of any company in full.

You can know all this information about any company's SIM card, for this you first need to know the number of that SIM card, only when we know its number, we will be able to find out the rest of its details.

How to know Airtel SIM card details

To find out the details of Airtel SIM card owner, you can go to Play Store on your mobile and download My Airtel app and when you open it, it will ask for some permission from your device, which should be allowed.

Once allowed you enter your Airtel mobile number here and then click on the request OTP below and then allow this application to read the message from your device.

As soon as you give permission, you will come to another page, now it will automatically detect the OTP on that mobile number and then you click it go down and it will come to the home page of this application.

Now here, you will click on the triple dash on the top left and then click on my profile and all the details of this mobile number will appear in front of you.

You can get more services like your mobile recharge, DTH recharge, bill pay etc. with the help of this application.

How to view BSNL SIM card details?

First, download the BSNL application to your mobile, when you download and open it, you will be asked to accept their terms on your mobile screen, then click Accept above.

On clicking accept, you will come to another page, now here you enter BSNL mobile number and click on Get OTP and after submitting OTP you will be able to come to home page in this app.

You will now click on the triple dash at the top left of the profile and you will be able to see all the details of this SIM card. You can easily recharge your mobile through this app.

Download Application

How to know IDEA / VODAFONE SIM card details

Idea and Vodafone have merged together, they have become a company called V, you download the VIP app from the Play Store, then open it and the process of registering the Airtel and Geo app will apply here as mentioned above.

And you will be able to see the details of your Idea or Vodafone SIM card owner, i.e. know how the SIM is in his name. With this application you can recharge your Idea or Vodafone SIM and check the status of active recharge plan in advance.

If you find a SIM card lying somewhere along the way, submit it to the nearest police station. By the above mentioned methods, you should only check your SIM card or your family's SIM card details, do not misuse it.

So we learned here, how to check the details of the owner of the SIM card, i.e. in whose name the SIM is, how to find out that if you are having any problem in running this application, then you can talk to the customer care of that telecom company by phone Would.

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