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Friday, 16 April 2021

This App Baidu Can Take a Minute to Hear Your Sound After Listening

It's fun to prank with friends. Recently, a company called Black & Green has created a Magic Call voice changer app that helps in a similar prank. This app helps in changing the voice in real time. With the help of this app the user can talk in different voices. Using this app you can talk in the voice of any of the boy, girl, cartoon and children. Both Android and iOS users can use this application. Internet speed must be good for using Magic Call Voice Changer app.

Chinese search giant Baidu says it can create someone's voice using neural networks - and all that needs to be done is no less than a minute of the audio audio of the person talking.

Baidu researchers say the technology could create digital duplicate voices for people who have lost the ability to speak. It can also be used to personalize digital assistants, video game characters or automated speech translation services.

Features of the application

1. Background: In one section of the Magic Call app you will find many background sounds. Which you can use during a call to make your conversation dramatic.

2. Sound Emoji: This Magic Call app also has a sound emoji section, using which you can make your prank call more funny.

3. Call Recording: With the Magic app, you can record your calls and share them with your friends.

4. Free Credits: If you have downloaded this application for the first time, you will get free credits by registering with it.

5. Voice Testing: You can test your own voice before calling for a prank.

The Magic Call Voice Changer app is a 4 star rated app. About 1 million people have installed it. In a single year, this app has become very popular among the people. The Magic Call voice changer app developer company has also given the facility to earn credits by seeing ads in the app.

Download Voice Changer Application

Download Voice Changer Voice Recorder - Editor & Effect

The process of using the application

After installing the Magic Call voice changer app, select your favorite voice, then dial your friend's mobile number and enjoy the magic call.

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