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Friday, 16 April 2021

Why Are Most Hotel Bed Sheets White?

There is nothing like sleeping in a luxury hotel bed. But have you ever noticed that hotels use bright, white sheets? You will have The hotel bank on those sheets is the first thing you will see when you go into the room.

The same white sheets you struggle to keep fresh at home look fresh outside the hotel package. The white they get can be almost their own color - Hotel Linen White.The Colour Psychology: According to color psychology, white stands for purity and perfection. Imagine a clean room but with red or blue bed linen. Can you be sure of its cleanliness? Abhinav and I will certainly be suspicious (well, we are paranoiacs anyway!). Other colours can mask dirt, white is pure. 

So how does the hotel keep the sheets white? And can you copy their technology at home? Continue reading to find out.

Why Are Most Hotel Bed Sheets White?

Ever wondered why bed sheets are white in most hotels? We almost never buy white bed linen for home but it charms us at hotels, right? Talking about this on our visit to Tree House Jaipur, Abhinav and I have been curious to find out. The black and white of it seems obvious: white stands for cleanliness. But is there more to it? We asked people from the hospitality industry & here’s what we got:

White is bright: Change your bedroom linen to white and notice the difference. White makes everything in the room look more bright. Designs and patterns become more visible against white than any other color. “White as a color enhances both natural and artificial light in a room. Since different colors are incorporated in the curtains and upholstery, beds with white linens are placed in the center of the room to break the color scheme,” avers Shilpa Kosambia– Executive Housekeeper, Sofitel Mumbai BKC.

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There you go. “White symbolizes purity. It is clean and untouched. Also, the sight of a clean bed, to a tired traveller, adds to the visual appeal,” says Aashu Bhatnagar, Senior Director of Sales at Nidra Hospitality. Agrees kosambia, “White symbolizes purity and also marks new beginnings, hence is the ideal choice of colour for most hotel beds..

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