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Saturday, 17 July 2021

Download Battery Saving Apps For Smartphone Battery Geenify Battery Guru Servicely

Download Battery Saving Apps For Smartphone Battery Geenify Battery Guru Servicely

 “Aggressive dose” and “on the go” to increase battery storage on Android 6+, even without root! (details explained in settings)

Never slow down and starve your phone or tablet after installing multiple apps. With Greenify, your device can run almost smoothly, just like it did on the first day you finally put it on!

When you’re not actively using apps, GreenFi helps you find your device in a unique way and put them inactive to prevent your device from falling behind or running out of battery! They can’t do anything without explicitly launching you or other applications, while maintaining full functionality while running at the front.

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એક એવી વેબસાઈટ જે zoom કરતા કરતા થાકી જશો પણ અંત નહિ આવે.
બાળકો ને ખૂબ મજા આવશે.



Download GreenFi App

Alarm clock apps, instant messaging apps will never be green unless you believe in them. Check out the impact of green apps you rely on a lot.

 Battery Guru displays battery usage information, measures battery capacity (mAh), displays ratings, and helps you change your charging habits with tips to extend battery life and extend 200% lifespan.

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Designed to keep the battery in excellent condition and lead a healthy life
Battery health care and performance improvement
You show your battery health

 Batteries have a specific lifespan, which reduces the overall (design) capacity of the battery as it degrades each time you charge your device.

Now, you can reduce wear and tear, plug your device into its charger and spend less time and enjoy your mobile life without the constant worry of low battery level.
Use Battery Guru to find the fastest charger and USB cable for your device. Measure charge current (in mA) to find out! The application will show the current record while charging.


Choose the status bar indicator based on your need:
– How current mA.
– Temperature
– battery status
– and their combination

Download Battery Guru App

Charging / Discharge Information
– Dedicated section for battery statistics including charge/discharge percentage and estimated time to full charge/discharge.
Show battery information: voltage, temperature, capacity and battery health status, battery charger history…

Don’t beat your personal data regardless of the accessibility of the service, it only uses it to automate the sleep process.

IMPORTANT: Indicates that you are aware of all background tasks (services, seasonal tasks, receiving events, alarms, widget updates, push messages) of this application if you do not use this application.

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