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Thursday, 30 December 2021

A 7 year old was catching a fish with a hook, suddenly a crocodile came in front of him

 With great diligence, this 7-year-old fish was caught and brought out, and then came the crocodile. By widening the mouth… .. Watch the hair raising video


While videos of many small and big events are going viral on social media, many funny incidents are seen inside this viral video and many annoying cases are also coming up, at present one such annoying video is very viral. Is happening.

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Inside the viral video, a 7-year-old boy goes fishing, he also catches the fish, but suddenly the crocodile comes and goes. Many people are also annoyed after seeing this video on social media and are also sharing it.

Inside the viral video, a 7-year-old boy is seen fishing on the shores of a lake, and his father's voice can be heard beside him. Her father is raising his spirits, saying, "Buddy, she's got it. Everything's fine, Buddy. Just keep going."

It can be seen further in the video that the same boy pulls the rope of the fishing pole and the fish also comes out after catching. But then a nano-crocodile arrives and swoops down on the fish that the child had so diligently brought ashore and eats it. The child gets scared and leaves the fishing pole and comes to the side.

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