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Wednesday, 29 December 2021

So will humans become 'immortal' now, the company claims, can keep humans alive as long as they want?

The challenge posed by the black-headed man to God, can keep man alive as long as he wants.

There have been many people in human history who had an unimaginable ambition to live forever or to be immortal. This was not possible before, but now in this scientific age, one company has definitely claimed that they can keep human beings 'alive' as long as they want. (All pics are symbolic.)

According to a report, Scottsdale Arizona-based firm Alcor Cryonix claims that after death, the body can be revived after a special cooling process.

The company claims to have legally invented a formula to regenerate carcasses and brains in liquid nitrogen after death and to place them in a perfectly healthy body. The company claims that this technology will have the power to resurrect humans after death in the future.

According to the Alcor firm, the cost of keeping the dead body under full protection is ,000 200,000, or Rs 1,49,99,900. At the same time, after the death of a person, the cost per year is 70 705 or Rs 52,874. At the same time, for the neuro-patient, the cost is 80 80,000 or Rs 59,99,960 where they can save their brain through this technology.

According to Max Moore, the company's British CEO, the process is actually quite cheap for the majority. "Most people don't think I have 80 80,000 or 200 200,000 for this job, but it's worth it," he said.

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