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Tuesday, 28 December 2021

The couple lives with 2 ghosts in their home, the ghost has given the responsibility of children

 This couple has kept the children to play with ghosts .. ghosts only take care of children ...

 People run away when they hear about ghosts, but there are couples who live in their homes with ghosts. They have become accustomed to living with these ghosts and the couple does not feel any danger from them. A couple named Lenny Clark and Ben say that 2 ghosts are always present in their house. The couple shifted to this house in the year 2018. At first everything was fine in the house, but they heard strange noises here.

 Sometimes the sound of someone walking was heard and sometimes there were incidents of breakage. He first learned of the ghost's existence when he called Lenny by his name.

 One evening, while Lenny and Ben were watching TV, they noticed a plant on the cupboard sliding down by itself. Not only that, but the hair on the back of Lenny's neck also grew. In such a situation he became convinced that there were ghosts in the house. Since she had spent a lot of money to shift home, she did not want to leave. When he spoke to the experts, he learned that two ghosts, Dave and Andy, lived in his house.

 Dave was already here, having died in an accident, while Andy was there later. Their names were also found out while living with the ghost and the couple living with them were not scared. When Lenny was pregnant, she also used the Ojia board to ask Dave and Andy if they would take care of their baby's safety. They both agreed

 A ghost named Dave also said that his child was a boy. This prophecy came true and his faith was strengthened. Lenny and Ben say that there is nothing wrong with their home, but people from outside find it scary.

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