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Thursday, 6 January 2022

Huge reservoir of water found just 3 feet below on Mars…., Will man's dream of living on Mars come true?

Mars is often compared to Earth. Many people are thinking of settling man on Mars. Billionaire Alan Musk is one of them. In the future, it may happen that man may live on Mars, but for man to live on Mars, the existence of water is very important.

મંગળ ગ્રહ પર ખાલી 3 ફૂટ નીચે મળ્યો પાણીનો વિશાળ ભંડાર…., શું સાચું થશે મંગળ પર માણસના રહેવાનું સપનું ?

NASA scientists have been searching for water on Mars for many years. They also found some evidence of water here. But not enough water was readily available here. In the meantime a big news has come up with water on Mars.

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Scientists have discovered a large amount of water on Mars. The European Space Agency (ESA) said in a statement that a large amount of water had been found in Mars' grade Canyon. Interestingly, this reservoir is only three feet below the surface of the Wallace Mariners. This is a large valley spread over an area of ​​3862 kilometers.

The Wallace Mariners are part of the Condor Chaos Valley, the equivalent of the Netherlands in shape. Scientists hope to find the most water in the valley. Alexei Malakhov, co-author of the discovery, said he had learned from research that the central part of the Wallace Mariners was filled with water. More water is available here than expected. Some areas of the earth are also covered with snow in this way. Due to low temperature, the land above such a place is happy and the snow beneath it is frozen.

The first evidence of water on the red planet Mars was found by the US space agency NASA in 2006. Jenny shared photos. These images show that liquid water was on Mars between 1999 and 2001. Then on July 31, 2008, NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander confirmed that there was ice on Mars. The same elements are found in the water inside it as in the water on earth.

NASA has found many valleys on Mars that once had rivers but have now dried up. It has been speculated that some other places will be flooded. Whatever water NASA has found so far has been found at great depths. For the first time, the European Space Agency has found water in the form of ice just three feet below.

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