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Saturday, 1 January 2022

Later, seeing death coming, people started screaming and running, the soul will tremble after watching this video of volcanic eruption!

Nature is generally known for taking care of human beings. Nature, which plays the role of mother in caring for the people, when it assumes its monstrous form, no one can control it. Humans become helpless against natural disasters. Whether it is an earthquake or a flood, no one moves against the monstrous nature.

પાછળથી મોતને આવતું જોઈ લોકો ચીસો પાડતા દોડ્યા, જ્વાળામુખી ફાટવાનો આ વીડિયો જોઈને આત્મા કંપી જશે!

One such video of a natural disaster is going viral on social media these days. Indonesia is currently battling a volcanic eruption. A volcano erupts in Semeru on the Indonesian island of Java. Which has resulted in many deaths so far.


According to reports, the volcano erupted here on Saturday. The ash from it spread for four kilometers. Although many days have passed since the explosion, ash and smoke are still coming out of it. The blast destroyed more than 11 villages.

When a volcano erupts, people in the area are moved away and people are alerted, but sometimes nothing can be done because of a natural disaster as this is a natural phenomenon and no one knows when it started.

Nighttime views of the island of Java began to appear during the day. Many of his videos are also going viral on social media. Many videos showed people running for their lives. Later, people were seen screaming to avoid the ashes coming at high speed.

In fact, when a volcano erupts, its lava and ash are buried and burned to death. But apart from this, when a volcano erupts, it also starts raining stones on it. Which causes many people to be injured. Many such creepy videos were shared. The blast also destroyed a pool. Also, all airline facilities in Java have been canceled.

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