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Friday, 7 January 2022

Scooters parked near the road first emitted smoke…, and then started blazing, see Video

Petrol and diesel prices have been skyrocketing for some time now. In Teva, people are now turning to electric vehicles. Given the demand of people and time, many companies are launching electric scooters and cars in the market. Competition is also seen between two wheelers and four wheelers available in the market.

રોડ પાસે પાર્ક કરેલા સ્કુટરમાં પહેલા નીકળ્યો ધુમાડો…, અને પછી ભડભડ સળગવા લાગ્યું, જુઓ Video

However, in the midst of all this, a video has surfaced in which you will see the current state of electric scooters that will make you anxious for a while and if you are thinking of taking such a scooter then you will start thinking again whether to take it or not.

Electric vehicles are supposed to be safe and save on petrol and diesel costs, but you will be amazed at what you see in this video. It can be seen in this video that there is a scooter park on the side of the road and suddenly smoke starts coming out of it. And suddenly a fire broke out in it.

Seeing these scenes spreads an atmosphere of fear among the people around. The incident has been captured on video and has gone viral. The video is 1.15 minutes long and shows an electric scooter burning.

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As can be seen in the video, part of the seat of the scooter is upstairs and smoke seems to be coming out from below. People go to the scooter and close the seat but keep the smoke out. The scooter starts to ignite again when the seat is turned upside down. People then move away to save lives.

Based on the number of scooters that appear in this viral video, it is speculated that the incident took place in Andhra Pradesh. Although it is not yet confirmed where the incident took place but this video is going viral very fast.

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