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Tuesday, 4 January 2022

Something like that, the dog made an entry in the royal estimate, or the people who saw it. Watch the video

Friends, we all know that the present is the age of internet and social media.Here people use such mediums to stay connected with each other and to share their various photos and videos as well as other information with their relatives and friends.

People also upload a lot of videos on these social media outlets, some of which are captivating to the viewers and people like to watch it frequently.

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Many such videos are going viral on social media. One such video is currently going viral on social media. So let's find out more about this video.

If we talk about this video, it can be seen in the video that a herd of cows and buffaloes is passing by on the road and a dog jumps on the back of the buffalo and stands up. The buffalo is also running very comfortably. Seeing this scene, it seems as if the buffalo is riding the dog. You also see the video.

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