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Sunday, 9 January 2022

Stay still in the phone / see the girl was busy using the phone then at the bus stop it happened that you will be shocked to see the video: VIDEO

Most public places have written warnings to take care of your luggage yourself. Despite this, people are so busy on their phones that their attention is diverted from their luggage. A video of a young woman going viral on social media, who is constantly busy on her phone and because of which she is not aware of the environment around her.

The thief showed amazing intelligence 

Many videos of the theft go viral on social media. Seeing this can make others aware. A video of the bus stop was recently shared on Instagram. The girl in this video is sitting on a bench and talking to someone on the phone. A suitcase is kept next to it. Then a man starts circling around him. But the attention of the girl lost in his world does not go in this direction .

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Later the bag crossed

The man first finds the right opportunity by standing in front of the girl. During Reiki, when he is sure that the girl's attention is not on his suitcase, he comes to the back of the bench. From there the thief picks up the suitcase and gets angry. The girl then found out that her suitcase had been stolen.

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After a while the attention came

When the girl holds her phone and looks at the suitcase, she is surprised because he doesn't see her there, the girl is stunned. He has suffered so much because of a little carelessness.

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