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Thursday, 6 January 2022

The cow gave birth to a 2-headed calf, the people around were also scared… ??

We often see movies on TV involving aliens. These films often feature two-headed beasts. These creatures are depicted in destructive films as well as possessing some demonic powers.

ગાય એ 2 માથાવાળા વાછરડાને આપ્યો જન્મ…, જોઈને આસ પાસના લોકો પણ ડરી ગયા…??

However, let me tell you that there are actually many creatures on earth that have two heads. But it is often the case that a creature usually found in one head is not found in two heads. Recently, the birth of such a two-headed calf created an atmosphere of fear among the people.

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This calf was also considered by people to be from another world. There is an area in Brazil called Espirito Saito called Nova Valencia which has become a topic of discussion internationally. Here on December 13, a cow gave birth to a two-headed calf. But due to the lack of two heads, the calf cannot stand on the ground and it is very difficult to feed it.

Ever since this calf was born, people have been calling it a form of the devil and an animal of another world. "The calf can't even stand up straight," said Delsey, the son of the calf's owner. Due to which he cannot even drink his mother's milk, he has to drink milk by bottle.

Now people there say that because he has two heads, he will also have two brains. Due to which he is not able to maintain his balance properly, this also makes it difficult for him to walk. The family once contacted several veterinarians, according to a report in the bar, but no doctor has been able to help them since they have never seen such a case before.

In this case, the doctor also says that it is difficult to say whether the calf will survive. According to reports, this calf is the third offspring of a cow. The cow had earlier given birth to two healthy cubs. The family was aware that the cow was pregnant for the third time but no one could have imagined that her calf would be born this way.

When the cub was born, people, including the owner of the shed, kept watching. He first called his family and showed them a two-headed calf. Then the news of the birth of a two-headed calf spread throughout the area. However, this is not the first time such a calf has been born. A two-headed, six-legged and two-tailed calf was born in Turkey last month.

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