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Monday, 10 January 2022

The little boy told the engineers this big thing, people got emotional after watching the video, watch the video

Thousands of funny videos are going viral on social media these days, one of which is going viral and people are making fun of it.

When children are young, they grow up and dream about what they want to be. They like to do what they do. They often tell their parents what they want to be when they grow up. Something similar happened in a video that went viral on social media, when a child dreams of becoming an engineer when he grows up. However, he wants to be a child engineer because he feels that engineers are not studying.

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When mom asked for the study, she insulted the engineer

The video does not show how the child thought or who said this, but you will be shocked to hear the answer. Yes, the video, which went viral on social media, shows the baby's mother teaching him and then he starts crying over something. His mother insists on studying for a long time, but the child cries that he has to study for half an hour in school, he is not.

You will laugh when you hear the answer.

Then his mother says that only if you study I will become a doctor, I will become a policeman. Hearing this, the child starts crying and says that he wants to be an engineer. Because engineers don't study. The video has gone viral on social media. People are liking this video of a crying baby and making fun of the engineers. After watching the video, some people said, "Brother, why do you teach that children have to study to become engineers?" The video was shared on Instagram by MimwalaNews.

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