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Tuesday, 4 January 2022

This man got married to Cooker and divorced in 4 days

Everyone has an idea in their mind about their spouse. Everyone is looking for a partner who will make their life better and make a perfect person by overcoming their shortcomings. Everyone is looking for a partner who can complement each other. Everyone thinks and thinks a lot before getting married.

લ્યો બોલો..!, આ ભાઈએ કૂકર સાથે કર્યા લગ્ન અને 4 દિવસમાં આપી દીધા છૂટાછેડા…

One such wedding in Teva, Indonesia, has been the talk of the town overnight. The reason for this discussion is that a man here was married to a rice cooker. The young man chose a cooker, not a young woman, for the wedding. He also wrote about his unique marriage on Facebook.

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Pictures of the wedding with Rice Cooker have also gone viral on social media. Though discussions were going on about this marriage, there was talk of their divorce. Now these 4 days of marriage and divorce are in constant discussion.

Khoirul Anam of Indonesia shared photos of her marriage to Cooker on Facebook. She appears to be standing in a wedding dress with a cooker. He is also seen kissing the cooker. He wrote in the caption that I am married to a rice cooker. The reason is that he is fair, hopeful, loving and also helpful in cooking.

However, 4 days after this, he also announced his divorce on Facebook. Anam said he only makes rice. Users are calling this a publicity stunt. According to a local website, Anam is a famous Indonesian who keeps doing such weird things to entertain his followers.

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