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Tuesday, 11 January 2022

While digging a well, the fortune of the merchant shone…, the world's largest sapphire came out of the house .., the value of which is more than 100 crores

The sapphire gemstone is very fruitful and as its name suggests its color is blue. India's Saturn is related to Bollywood's Shahenshah Amitabh Bachchan also wears sapphires. Along with this some other superstars also hold this gem. Sapphire is a special gem. You may have heard about this many times.

Many people hold this gem in Viti. Viti made of sapphires is also very expensive. Because sapphires are very expensive. What if you had the world's largest sapphire gem?

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A similar incident recently took place in Sri Lanka which is very much under discussion. A sapphire gem weighing more than 300 has been found in Sri Lanka. This sapphire weighs more than 310 kg and is also called the Queen of Asia. This sapphire is on display in Sri Lanka. People are coming from far and wide to see it. Everyone is amazed to see him.

Significantly, the world's largest sapphire was discovered three months ago today during excavations at Ratanpur, 45 km from the Sri Lankan capital Colombo. For your information, about 90% of all the corundum stones found in the world are in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has been famous for its unique gems for many centuries.

"The man who was digging the well told me about the rare stone," said the owner of the sapphire, which weighed more than 310 kg from Sri Lanka. Meanwhile a huge sapphire was found. The value of this huge sapphire is said to be more than 100 crores. The story of finding the world's largest sapphire is also very interesting. This sapphire has been found during normal excavations.

The owner of Neelam was digging a well behind his house. The treasure fell into his hands while digging a well. On the other hand, the National Gems and Jewelery Authority of Sri Lanka has certified it as a precious gem and is now preparing to sell it in the international market.

Buddhist monks have also blessed this gem. Well known gemologist Gamini said that he had never seen such a big gem in his life. This may have happened 400 million years ago.

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