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Sunday, 9 January 2022

Wow uncle, old man selling hot chickpeas in front of Gujarat University in Ahmedabad, earns so much per month by speaking English to attract youngsters

 Necessity is the birthplace of research. This saying seems to fit the old man selling hot chickpeas in Ahmedabad, as one would be shocked to see a 60-year-old man speaking English fluently, as Uncle Johnny, who has never been to school since 1990, has been out of English Medium School and Gujarat College. Chana Jor is involved in hot selling business.

Uncle Johnny, who learned English fluently by listening to school students speak, earns around Rs. Gujarat University has several lorries for food and drink, in which even an elderly person can take a lorry and kick it in the belt.


The 60-year-old's name is Uncle Johnny. Uncle Johnny has been doing business around Gujarat University since 1990, selling chickpeas hot. Uncle Johnny originally from UP (Uttar Pradesh) came to Ahmedabad to do business and started his own truck. Even today, he drives the same truck to support himself and his family.

Learned English from student.

Johnny uncle initially sold chickpeas in Hindi. Being a university, there is a constant flow of students all day, with some students even speaking English, but Uncle Johnny did not understand English. Uncle Johnny also learned a little English while staying in touch with regular students at St Xavier's College. Uncle Johnny, who never went to school, is running his business by speaking English fluently.

Dialogue also keeps speaking

Uncle Johnny arrives at the university in his truck at 11 a.m. Seeing the customer, they welcome Johnny Johnny Yes Papa..Eating Sugar No Papa..Thoda Thoda Khane Ka Tension Kai Ko Lane Ka .. Dialogue dialect. When the customer arrives later, before giving the chickpea emphasis, he asks in English with Onion or Without Onion, Regular or Spicy and Oriented Chili .. Never Compromise in Quality Sir .. and Very Very Tasty...

Constantly in a happy mood

A student of Gujarat University said that Johnny's uncle is always in a happy mood. There is no sadness on his face. They do small things, but seeing them motivates many students like me. They may not have gone to school, but they have learned many life-shaping lessons. It continues to inspire us to live in peace.

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