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Wednesday, 25 August 2021

Janmashtami Special WhatsApp DP 2020,ABCD alphabets,

Janmashtami Special WhatsApp DP 2020,ABCD alphabets, 

Janmashtami Special WhatsApp DP 2020,ABCD alphabets, Janmashtami whatsapp status ABCD 2020
shrikrishna whatsapp DP image A

 shrikrishna whatsapp DP image B

 shrikrishna whatsapp DP image C

 shrikrishna whatsapp DP image D

 shrikrishna whatsapp DP image E

shrikrishna whatsapp DP image F

 shrikrishna whatsapp DP image G

 shrikrishna whatsapp DP image H

 shrikrishna whatsapp DP image I

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 shrikrishna whatsapp DP image J

shrikrishna whatsapp DP image K

 shrikrishna whatsapp DP image L

 shrikrishna whatsapp DP image M

 shrikrishna whatsapp DP image N

 shrikrishna whatsapp DP image O

shrikrishna whatsapp DP image P

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 shrikrishna whatsapp DP image Q

 shrikrishna whatsapp DP image R

 shrikrishna whatsapp DP image S

 shrikrishna whatsapp DP image T

 shrikrishna whatsapp DP image V

 shrikrishna whatsapp DP image U

 shrikrishna whatsapp DP image W

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Face Cool Cool Live Camera Best App

 Face Cool Cool Live Camera Best App

Cool Funny Live New Camera with Face, Lens Crazy and Funny Effects

Face Up is a fun time to record photos and videos with your friends! Skinner new to yourself, penis swap, buff yourself or enlarge any part of the body that needs some enhancement Face Up - Edge Changer is an application that will bring a smile to your face.

An amazing phone beauty camera. Best Fun Prisma Selfie New Camera Play Store Live Camera Capture your selfie animations, change the way you look and send it to friends via social networks. Create your daily new moments with Funny Camera and Face Editor.

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A fun phone camera. Camera and editor designed specifically for selfies

 Lens Face: Large and small, thin and wide lens effects with live camera in play store. You can capture both the front and back side with the Feni effect.

- Warp effect: Warp, form, can make your new face big or small. (Eye, nose, mouth, eyebrow, facial line, etc ..)

- Face morphing can move individual old face points to, your face will be more beautiful, cute and funny.

- Swap Gender New Camera Fast and sensitive (real-time) manipulation even on old devices!

- Live Filters: See the result before taking the picture, result in ugly funny face; Distort, duplicate and transform your face.

- Mirror filters real-time every day new stylish and fashion, fun and luxurious, fun and special effects

- Snap Photo Filters Take best new photos and add Snap and Selfie app with filters and stickers that are  new cool, creative plus fun and special smileys that make your photos perfect for getting likes and followers.

- Face Camera Snappy Photo Filters: best Stickers, emoticons and filters are unique and extra entertaining combinations to personalize your images.

- Face App: Change your face using Artificial Intelligence  in the just one tap!

- Funny Camera +: Funny camera photo effects like photo warp or fish eye effect to and create hilarious images.

- InstaBeauty Selfies: Awesome face best app Linga, which has many options to beautify your photos with just one tap

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Optimization of GUI for left or and right handed users in Face Editor.

- Prisma Photo Maker, Prisma Selfie Camera Effects

- Click on the gallery to set a fun effect in Edge Changer

- Ocean Camera to is a fun beauty camera for your phone.

- On Flash during Back in Night

- Orange Camera 2019 Beauty Filter AR Edge Changer best Camera

- New face app slide up or down to adjust brightness in penis

- Magic Mirror Pro - Make your phone's new screen a best mirror, smartest mirror

- PicsArt Photo Studio Collage & New Maker & Pic Editor

- Click on the filter image and to set or delete your favorites.

- Save or share funny photos with your friends on Facebook and Instagram, etc.

Beauty Camera is old - Old Me, Photo Predictor.

Face Up is a Little Bee Beauty Camera in which you can add pure stickers, super magnifier lights, edge changers, real-time filters to a pure camera.

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Super selfie camera

Boring photos are past. Facing the camera app is to blame! This new face best app gender photo editor will turn those boring faces into funny faces.


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PMSYM : Pradhan mantri Shram Yogi Man Dhan Yojna Pension

 PMSYM : Pradhan mantri Shram Yogi Man Dhan Yojna Pension

Government of India has introduced a pension scheme for unorganised workers namely Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maan-dhan (PM-SYM) to ensure old age protection for Unorganised Workers.

The unorganised workers mostly engaged as home based workers, street vendors, mid-day meal workers, head loaders, brick kiln workers, cobblers, rag pickers, domestic workers, washer men, rickshaw pullers, landless labourers, own account workers, agricultural workers, construction workers, beedi workers, handloom workers, leather workers, audio- visual workers and similar other occupations whose monthly income is Rs 15,000/ per month or less and belong to the entry age group of 18-40 years. They should not be covered under New Pension Scheme (NPS), Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) scheme or Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO). Further, he/she should not be an income tax payer.
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2. Features of PM-SYM: It is a voluntary and contributory pension scheme, under which the subscriber would receive the following benefits :
(i) Minimum Assured Pension: Each subscriber under the PM-SYM, shall receive minimum assured pension of Rs 3000/- per month after attaining the age of 60 years.
(ii) Family Pension: During the receipt of pension, if the subscriber dies, the spouse of the beneficiary shall be entitled to receive 50% of the pension received by the beneficiary as family pension. Family pension is applicable only to spouse.
(iii) &nbps; &&nbps;If a beneficiary has given regular contribution and died due to any cause (before age of 60 years), his/her spouse will be entitled to join and continue the scheme subsequently by payment of regular contribution or exit the scheme as per provisions of exit and withdrawal.

3. Contribution by the Subscriber: The subscriber’s contributions to PM-SYM shall be made through ‘auto-debit’ facility from his/ her savings bank account/ Jan- Dhan account. The subscriber is required to contribute the prescribed contribution amount from the age of joining PM-SYM till the age of 60 years. The chart showing details of entry age specific monthly contribution is as under:

4. Matching contribution by the Central Government: PM-SYM is a voluntary and contributory pension scheme on a 50:50 basis where prescribed age-specific contribution shall be made by the beneficiary and the matching contribution by the Central Government as per the chart. For example, if a person enters the scheme at an age of 29 years, he is required to contribute Rs 100/ - per month till the age of 60 years an equal amount of Rs 100/- will be contributed by the Central Government.

5. Enrolment Process under PM-SYM: The subscriber will be required to have a mobile phone, savings bank account and Aadhaar number. The eligible subscriber may visit the nearest Common Services Centres (CSC eGovernance Services India Limited (CSC SPV)) and get enrolled for PM-SYM using Aadhaar number and savings bank account/ Jan-Dhan account number on self-certification basis.

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Later, facility will be provided where the subscriber can also visit the PM-SYM web portal or can download the mobile app and self-register using Aadhar number/ savings bank account/ Jan-Dhan account number on self-certification basis.

6. Enrollment agencies: The enrolment will be carried out by all the Common Services Centres. The unorganised workers may visit their nearest CSC along with their Aadhar Card and Savings Bank account passbook/Jandhan account and get registered themselves for the Scheme. Contribution amount for the first month shall be paid in cash for which they will be provided with a receipt.

7. Facilitation Centres: All the branch offices of LIC, the offices of ESIC/EPFO and all Labour offices of Central and State Governments will facilitate the unorganised workers about the Scheme, its benefits and the procedure to be followed, at their respective centers.
In this respect, the arrangements to be made by all offices of LIC, ESIC, EPFO all Labour offices of Central and State Governments are given below, for ease of reference:
1. All LIC, EPFO/ESIC and all Labour offices of Central and State Governments may set up a “Facilitation Desk” to facilitate the unorganised workers, guide about the features of the Scheme and direct them to nearest CSC
2. Each desk may consist of at least one staff.
3. They will have backdrop, standi at the main gate and sufficient number of brochures printed in Hindi and regional languages to be provided to the unorganised workers.
4. Unorganised workers will visit these centres with Aadhaar Card, Savings bank account/Jandhan account and mobile phone.
5. Help desk will have onsite suitable sitting and other necessary facilities for these workers.
6. Any other measures intended to facilitate the unorganised workers about the Scheme, in their respective centers.
8.Fund Management: PM-SYM will be a Central Sector Scheme administered by the Ministry of Labour and Employment and implemented through Life Insurance Corporation of India and CSC eGovernance Services India Limited (CSC SPV). LIC will be the Pension Fund Manager and responsible for Pension pay out. The amount collected under PM-SYM pension scheme shall be invested as per the investment pattern specified by Government of India.
Requirements for Enrolment
A Mobile Phone.

Savings Bank/Jan Dhan Account.

Aadhaar Number.


As of now, the applicant may visit the nearest CSC (Common Services Center) and submit the required details to get enrolled

VLE will register the beneficiary electronically on the system

A beneficiary has to pay 1st instalment in cash to CSC.

Now Shram Yogi Pension Number will be generated.

VLE will print & handover the Shram Yogi card to the beneficiary

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Tuesday, 24 August 2021

Caller Name Announcer : Hands-Free

 Caller Name Announcer : Hands-Free

The top Android app that announces the caller name the instant you receive an incoming call or text messages. Faster, better, and 100% free, This is a powerful announcer app to help you drive safely & helps you interact with the device in situations when you’re physically limited.

Caller Name Announcer : Hands-Free

✔ Hear the name of the person calling you
✔ Read incoming SMS messages
✔ Read messages fromWhatsApp

New Widget
You can use the app widget to enable/disable the spoken announcements. This way you can turn off the system quickly if you aren't in a good place to hear them.

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Our caller ID feature also identifies also identifies unknown telephone numbers so you can know who called you even if the number is not in your Contact list. This call announcer & SMS announcer app for Android is ideal when you are working, driving, or doing other things and you need to put your phone on hands free mode. The best thing about Caller Name Announcer : Hands-Free Pro? It’s FREE to download and use for any Android user, user or phone.

The app is designed for when users are driving or doing something important and when you can’t just accept any incoming call or text message. The app is also designed for blind and/or visual impaired users, for users who are physically limited to interact with the screen. That’s why a caller announcement solution is vital: identify who is calling you without touching the phone, by using our speak alert system


• Our hands-free app, lets you hear who’s calling or texting you while driving and support in situation when your physical interactions with your phone are limited.
• Our app identifies caller and text message sender and announce it loudly, servicing as a caller check but also caller name speaker alert system.
• Find out who called you or send you text messages immediately even before you take a look at your phone with our smart caller ID display system.
• Identify unknown numbers and callers ID who are not on your Contact list with our Caller ID function.
• Our incoming message announcer & SMS announcer it’s the the most user friendly for Android users
• Turn ON or OFF our caller announcer function as you like. Customize it 100%
• Built in Caller ID function to identify unknown callers & text message senders.
• Options to save and call back Missed Call numbers, Completed Call numbers, and No Answer call numbers.

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Saturday, 21 August 2021

Great Festival Rakhsabandhan Muhurt Declere

Great Festival  Rakhsabandhan Muhurt Declere

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Friday, 20 August 2021

World's Tallest Shivalaya: Tungnath Har Har Mahadev

 World's Tallest Shivalaya Tungnath Har Har Mahadev

Tungnath - The world's tallest Shivalaya, Har Har Mahadev What is the highest Shiva temple in the world? And do you know where it is located? That is Tungnath Mahadev, and it is a great temple located at an altitude of 90 meters (1908 feet) in Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand state. Tungnath means the same, Lord of the peaks. Har Har Mahadev.....

On the way to and from the temple, it snows in winter, so the temple is closed in winter. In winter, the idol of God, 15 km from Tungnath. Far away, Mukku is brought down to the Mukkumath of the village. Pujariji also comes to Mukkumath. The idol is taken to Tungnath at the end of April when the snow melts, then the temple remains open till mid-November. So if you want to visit Tungnath Mahadev, you should go there only in this period (summer).

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Tungnath Mahadev, where to go, how to go? For this, first you have to go from Haridwar to Chopta. On the NH-58 road from Haridwar to Kedarnath, going to the banks of the river Ganga in the mountains of the Himalayas. From Haridwar come Rishikesh, Devprayag, Kirtinagar, Srinagar, Rudraprayag, Agatsya Muni and then Kund village. If we turn left from Kund, go to Kedarnath, don't go that way, go straight instead. On this road, after Kund, comes Ukhimath, Duggalbitta and then Chopta village. It is still 1.5 km from Tungnath. As far as climbing reaches the peak called Chandrashila. If you look at it like this, it seems that Tungnath is at the foot of Chandrashila peak. The height of Chandrashila is 3000 meters. Reaching Chandrashila means you have reached the top of a mountain.


There is also a small temple called Ganga Dham on this peak. How magnificent the view of Chandrashila can be felt only when you go there. From here you can see all the snow covered peaks and valleys towards Tangnath. Here is the place where Lord Rama meditated on Chandrashila after killing Ravana . 

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 Why visit Tungnath Temple?

There is also a small temple called Ganga Dham on this peak. How magnificent the view from Chandrashila is, it can be felt only when you go there. From here you can see all the snow-capped peaks and valleys towards Tungnath. Lord Rama meditated on Chandrashila after killing Ravana

The symbolic image of Lord Shiva is moved to Mukunath during winter, which is located 19 kilometers away. The journey passes through rocky terrain, meadows and rhododendron bushes that fill us with scenes of nature. Enthusiastic views of the impressive Himalayas boost confidence in the hearts of trekkers. Many unnamed and unnamed peaks of the Himalayan range are clearly visible from Tungnath

Activities in Tungnath

Trekking - Tungnath's trek starts at Marg Chopta and includes easy to medium grade trekking. The enchanting trek takes some through enchanting meadows, hilly villages and conifer and oak forests. In winter, the trekking route is covered with snow. You can also continue the track of Chandrashila Summit.

Pilgrimage - Situated at an altitude of 3,600 meters, Tungnath Temple is a revered Panch Kedar in Uttarakhand dedicated to Lord Shiva and is visited by a large number of pilgrims. The temple sleeps under a thick blanket of snow during the winter.

Bird watching - You can easily see Mongols and other birds around Tungnath. If lucky you can also find musk deer in the area.

Our website technology daily for wonderful stories of Shivaji in Shravan as well as online live darshan. com ..

Om Namah Shivaya Har Har Mahadev

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