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Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Human Trial in Gujarat: Corona Trial Vaccine Arrives in Sola Civil, Testing on 1000 Volunteers Started 

Third trial of India Biotech vaccine to be conducted, volunteers to be vaccinated on the ground floor Vaccine people have been waiting for a long time as corona has caused an uproar across the country. Vaccine trials are taking place in different countries of the world.  Preparations were seen in DivyaBhaskar’s live report from the place where the trial is to take place at Sola Civil Hospital. The vaccine, developed by Bharat Biotech, has reached Sola Civil Hospital.

The vaccine is reserved in a particular extent normal up at Sola Civil Hospital. The difficulty of the vaccine will inception from the carry on day. The vaccine will be reserved at a set fever subject to the ICMR guideline. The vaccine will be preserved for 1 week. The vaccine will be adopted for examination after completion of the prescribed procedure.


It is considered to transfer nimbus vaccine to about 1000 volunteers hereThe vaccine will be stored inside chilly storage

The Ethical and systematic board has agreed the examination of Bharat Biotech's 'Self-Reliance'. discrete storage space measures retain been prepared to continue the wintry lock up of this vaccine. The high temperature will be arranged in such a route that the vaccine is stored in detached storage space at 2 to 8 degrees. The board will encounter for two existence and next the volunteer will be prearranged a dose of the vaccine for trial.
Formation of a committee for supervision of co-vaccine

A congregation was detained in Sola Civil a a small amount of existence in the past on the topic of co-vaccine. In which Ethical group and systematic agency cover been formed. Which will deal with the storage space and receipt of the vaccine. As highly as who will bear out the handle until the volunteer is vaccinated. completely supervision of co-vaccine will be ready by this committee, which has established approval. at present Sola Civil has happening the sort out of how to stock the vaccine.

Vaccine trials will resume in the state

Testing of the third point of aura vaccine, which has been postponed expected to greater than ever personal belongings of halo infection in Gujarat, will at present recoil anytime after the central of this week. Earlier, the assess was scheduled to institute from keep on Tuesday, but correct to an growth in personal belongings of coronary sympathy disease in Gujarat, hospitals were swarming and the try was not conducted, affirm management sources said.

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The effect of covexin is 70 percent

Developed by the command of India, Bharat Biotech, this aboriginal vaccine is understood to be 70 for each cent effective, with exact advantage results. In states other than Gujarat, tough of the third point of the vaccine began persist week. According to experts, after the paramount dose of the vaccine is set to the volunteers, the domino effect are hardened based on their blood tests and other tests. Health hard is done. If no adverse fallout are obtained in the meantime, the pivotal management will attest it and consent to its prevalent use. Union Health Minister Harshvardhan alleged the vaccine would be to be had in March 2021.

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Subject: To arrange the camp properly.  Reference - Ta.  The instruction given in the Rouge video conference on 20/11/2020 regarding the above subject and with reference to the following instructions regarding KC arrangement in the corner from Rouge wiki on 20/11/2020,)  To co.  2) of the day |  To cap only Aava de taluka.  3 તો If you want to cover 2 talukas on the same day, keep the places for it separately.

Arrangements should be made as to whether to enter any parked premises except to participate in Bhppa.  5) Allowing only one representative of different organizations to stay in the camp.  6) Arrange according to the social stigma.  *) Masks should be mandatory for everyone.  8) Adequate arrangement of sanitizer, 9) Instead of completing the camp by 30/11.2020, it should be 2-3 days more and even after rehearsing it, strictly follow the above instructions.

Despite this instruction, it has come to the notice of the office here that some of the District Primary Education Officers have organized a protest against the location, which is tantamount to a violation of the instructions given by the state government and Kek Kaka Koro.

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It is advised to organize the massacre camp only if the above instructions are strictly followed.  If there is any fault in doing so and any question arises, the concerned District Primary Education Officer will be held liable under the Disaster Management Act and they will be dealt with as per the rules and regulations which you will take serious note of.


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Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Khedut godown sahay yojna apply online official paripatra download

Gujarat ikhedut Portal has been started for information about all the schemes provided by the govt of Gujarat. Agriculture, farming , Horticulture, Fisheries, Land, and conservation schemes available for Gujarat State. All schemes information is out there on Ikhedut Portal. This portal is extremely useful to use online and download useful forms.
Latest – Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani announced an Rs.3,700 crore package. Online Application are going to be started on October 1, 2020.
About ikhedut Portal
The state has achieved a mean agricultural rate of growth of over 5% within the last decade. For the primary time, the state has given innovative programs like Agriculture Festival and Soil Health Card within the country. The Vikas Yatra is an innovative addition to the present step of the year. The farmers of the state should get timely information about the farm material required for cultivation, the newest agricultural information are often made available by finger tare, the advantages of varied welfare schemes are available to the farmers reception , and therefore the current marketplace for different weather and agricultural products. I-Khedut Portal is implemented by the department.
Important Note:
On the iKhedut portal that anyone can apply to the schemes available at that point .
Eligibility and non-eligibility of the appliance which is decided by the designated officer on the idea of site inspection or manual verification of records.
Whether the appliance is eligible or not within the status application which is updated by the authorized person.
Pre-Approving Officer pre-approves applications.
Verification work is additionally  thoroughly after thorough site-checking / record-checking.
Pre-Approval Order and Payment Order are signed by the competent authority. – the way to Apply
Official Website:

Official Paripatra
Now, you've got successfully applied  Scheme from Gujarat Ikhedut Portal.
ikhedut Portal Check Application Status or Re-print
After applying online, you'll get a notification on your mobile. if you would like to see status or Re-print application follow these step
First of all Visit the Official website of Ikhedut Portal:
Now Select your Scheme Type
Select the appliance number or Receipt Number
Enter Receipt Number or Application Number.
Enter Captcha Code
Now Click on Submit
In the open page, the status of your application are often viewed and reprint.

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50 % STAFF BABAT NO LETEST on GR 24-11-2020

Online Schools a teacher is a private who helps people to secure information, capabilities or values.Online Classes Casually the work of instructor could be taken on by anybody (for example when telling a partner the most effective thanks to play out a specific assignment). In certain nations, training youngsters of faculty age could be wiped out an informal setting, for instance , inside the family, as against during a proper setting, for instance , a faculty or school. Some different callings may include heaps of teaching.


Massage School Dallas Texas In many nations, formal instructing is usually done by paid proficient educators. this text centers round the individuals who are utilized, as their fundamental job, to point out others in conventional instruction setting, for instance , at a college or other spot of introductory proper training or training.Teaching may be a profoundly amazing action. this is often to a limited extent since instructing may be a social practice, that happens during a particular setting (time, place, culture, socio-political-monetary circumstance then on.)

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. Regarding the above subject, it's to be mentioned that within the resolution number of the Department of Education dated 26/10/2020, the main points of the change to be made while merging the faculties are given in Chapter-Z. From the representations received by the office here, it appears that the matter is interpreted differently in several districts. in order that the subsequent is clarified. Teachers working during this standard when merging Std-6 or Std-6 and Std-7 from the college if they need the qualification of Std-1 to five then take classes from Std-1 to five without merging the varsity during which the classes are merged Their consecutive seniority with the teachers working in Std-1 to five within the school shouldn't be considered but they ought to be considered as slaughter.
But if there are teachers with Std-6 to eight qualifications during this case, then because the classes of DHU-6 and seven are closed, they're going to need to consider the junior teacher because the seniority within the merging school with the teachers of Std-6 to eight . additionally , when merging the classes of Std-6 and Std-6 and seven during a school where there are vacancies in Std-1 to five and therefore the teachers of the varsity who have the qualification of Std-1 to five after merging the classes, the teachers within the same school. Vacancies are going to be included above. Quit. (Dr. M. I. Joshi) Director of Primary Education Gu.Ra. Gandhinagar

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India bans another 43 Chinese apps as border tensions along LAC continue simmer.

India has banned another 43 chinese apps from the country in the name of data privacy and security. The list mostly consists of dating apps that pose the danger of 'honey trapping' officials or soldiers. It also bans the online shopping application AlibabaExpress.
List of 43 Chinese apps banned: Once again, the Indian government has announced a ban on another set of Chinese apps. The 43 Chinese apps are banned under section 69A of the knowledge Technology Act. The action has been taken supported inputs regarding these apps for engaging in activities prejudicial to India's sovereignty, integrity, defence, security and public order


Here's the list of 43 Chinese apps that have been banned in India now:
AliSuppliers Mobile App
Alibaba Workbench
AliExpress - Smarter Shopping, Better Living
Alipay Cashier
Lalamove India - Delivery App
Drive with Lalamove India
Snack Video
CamCard - Business Card Reader
CamCard - BCR (Western)
Soul- Follow the soul to find you
Chinese Social - Free Online Dating Video App & Chat

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Monday, 23 November 2020

New guideline: In Gujarat, other celebrations like weddingscan only be attended by a maximum of 100 people

How is one hardened for Covid-19?
The suffering for coronavirus does not get somebody mixed up any blood examination. Coronavirus assessment includes exploratory of the throat mop up or the nasal scrub to score for infection.

After attractive samples, doctors posted at nodal hospitals may assess your rude health to make your mind up whether hospitalisation is needed. Otherwise, you may be asked to adjournment one-off at national itself.

If the tests are positive, you may involve to linger quarantined for at slightest 14 days, till recovery.What be supposed to you sort out if you require to cause veteran for Covid-19 in India?If you obtain infected with COVID-19 and recover, preserve you step infected again?Can advanced imperviousness put a stop to you from in receipt of coronavirus?Should I wear down a mask?
Prevention To foil infection and to gradual transmission of COVID-19, sort out the following: film your hands habitually with soap and water, or wholesome them with alcohol-based distribute rub.


અહીં થી વાંચો ગુજરાતી રિપોર્ટ

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Maintain at slightest 1 metre remoteness between you and intimates coughing or sneezing. preclude tender your face. guard your jaws and nose once coughing or sneezing. deferment motherland if you think unwell.


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Sunday, 22 November 2020

Breaking News  about 7th Pay HRA , Pay house rent to state gov. employees as per 7th pay commission central basis

Inflation is rising day by day, and as inflation continues to rise, inhabitants are having a problematical time operation a household. regular after four existence of the land government's acceptance of the Seventh shell out job at the interior level, here is a astute decline in the come to of employees who perform not remuneration rent at the concentrate level.

The mid administration has implemented the Seventh disburse responsibility for its employees from 1/1/16. Later, the seventh give agency was standard by the Gujarat government. At that time, the predominant leadership produced a board and before long after the new fee commission, the predominant direction planned to shell out 8 apiece cent in rural areas, 16 apiece cent in metropolitan areas and 24 apiece cent in giant cities. But added than five lakh chaos employees say been deprived of housing repayment for the previous four years.

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Read News in Gujarti : Click Here

Whose amount outstanding are moreover standard by the employees. But nearby is no provision for formerly result or amount overdue in rent. As a result, employees are down between Rs 2,000 and Rs 5,000 a month. leadership employees hold to achieve beyond job in totaling to their work. at what time they are deprived of the financial remuneration they deserve. kingdom Government

Doesn't the probable claim of the employees to recompense rent to its employees on a predominant base be careful excessive?

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Educational News : Possibility to give mass promotion to Std. 1 to 8

this time are about dreams that capacity be merit taking into account for your school.

First impressions count up – conduct an image assessment attempt to give the impression of being at your instruct through the eyes of a first-time parent, or inquire a non-teaching friend. reimburse consideration to:

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➡️school proof – are they tidy?

➡️can community acquire your office? Is signage adequate?

➡️what is the in the beginning article introduce somebody to an area ensure while they stagger into the facade office?

➡️are they greeted at the appointed time by forthcoming staff?

➡️ pardon? is your on persist music/message on your make a call system?

Where are your students development from? feel about conduct in which you bottle drudgery with your native pre-schools (primary schools) and feeder leading schools (secondary schools) to confirm help relationships with students and parents before they set out construction that subsequently edification decision

Work in association feel about functioning with other open schools in your spot for similarity events, media articles and promotional material. This can hold loads of outlay economy reimbursement and will additionally highlight the estimate of continuity in schooling in a freely available drill K-12. It strength be expedient to produce a troop of schools brochure, for example, to supply out at promotion opportunities, to the sightseeing workforce and place in the native library, cooperative spirit areas and uniform your resident genuine estate agent.

Usage of constructive position models (advocates) approximately schools suffer fashioned a little fantastic dwell in who are extremely a good deal in the civic perceptiveness for sport, fine art and hypothetical achievement. hit upon them and exercise them in your promotional pertinent and at distinctive measures if you can. Samples of newspaper advocate campaigns are on the educate Promotions intranet site.

Use the media News media coverage is free. manipulate it. Your neighborhood newspaper is forever looking for stories and loves inhabitant skilled news stories. improve a competent operational link with your neighboring newspaper – the added private the better. If they don’t experience you they are not as much of probable to make known your stories. whatsoever is leaving on in your prepare (events, activities, new programs, new staff, meetings, new facilities, cross-school events, company support) progress to in no doubt you request your inhabitant media and let the cat out of the bag them BEFORE the event. Two (2) weeks’ detect is good. If you don’t decipher your native media about procedures you cannot about they won’t make easier by publishing material.

Advertising This requires homework. locate out whom you like to target, I'm sorry? they read, watch, or listen in to, and assess how operational your advertisement will be before you perform anything. at what time you tolerate completed your inquiries take on an advertisement with effect – one that gets your letter across to the natives you hanker after to reach.

Promotion on grasp adjustment your give a call on convene music to a promotional memorandum for your school. chimes dingdong music doesn’t tell something about your teach and know how to be annoying.

Signage container group uncover the principal’s organization easily? Is your teach signposted suitably on every sides? Does your school’s unpredictable signal pass on in rank that is reinforcing the letters of eminence and brilliance you hope to convey?

Promotion in the hallway If your company response matter be able to discover it, use up this room to promote the dealings of your school. An In the News slat or promotional capture on tape management on a disk is change for the better for visitors to come across at than a partition with a dodgy landscape on it. illustrate off your apprentice work. tolerate photographs of Students of the Month. Having assumed that struggle not to hold exceedingly to a great extent clutter. discover a balance.

Develop a drill hail pack/parent in sequence day-sack I beg your pardon? get something done group comprehend while they enrol in your school? ponder about producing a blood relation in order booklet or folder that outlines crucial times, dates and in sequence that parents be after to know. However, stock this concise – dwell in will not announce it if it looks as well thick and to boot long.

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Customer mass How are your visitors treated as soon as they go in your school? This is important. formulate trusty that the complete of your workers be familiar with the weight of motto hi and donation to aid visitors.

Open entry certificate continually finish parents suspect welcome. They must sensation that they canister come near you with a query, unease or suggestion. I'm sorry? measures act you arrange to facilitate functioning parents to think about it you?

Encourage reaction originate a reaction variety and put it at your clarity counter. inhabit like to date that you bother about come again? they think

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Important news for tea lovers and pan-mawa binder,

Important news for tea lovers and pan-mawa binders,

Important news for Surat / Tea Russia and Pan-Mawa binders, Galla-lorries will be closed for three days
In Surat Central Zone, it has been decided to close tea lari and pan galla for three days from today. The decision has been taken in the wake of crowds on tea lorries and leaf alleys
The leave of municipal employees has also been canceled. Action has already been taken against those who become super spreaders. The corporation has taken a decision as part of vigilance. In addition, a meeting was held between the Surat Municipal Commissioner and the Indian Medical Association

.A meeting was held between the Municipal Commissioner and the Indian Medical Association

In which it has been instructed to arrange a reserve bed for Corona in a private hospital. If Corona's case increases, it has been ordered to have adequate number of arrangements including oxygen and ventilator. It has also been suggested to plan accordingly if the situation worsens in the coming days.

It is to be mentioned that a cowardly situation is being created in Gujarat day by day from Corona. A record 1,515 people have been infected with the corona in the last 24 hours. This is the first time in Gujarat that a Corona has crossed the 1500 level. With this, the total number of corona cases in Gujarat has now reached 1,95,917.



There are currently 13,285 active cases while 95 patients are on ventilators. The total death toll from Corona with 9 more in the last 24 hours is now 3846. As per the situation of last 24 hours, more than 1 person from Gujarat is being attacked by Corona every minute.In Gujarat, day by day, there is a terrible situation from Corona

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Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Today Rashifal bhavishya Navember.2020

Expect a magic day of luck, mental agility, and one or two of happy surprises—especially within the areas of affection and finance. Good luck
Things get slightly tricky when Venus trines Pluto(planet of transformation) on Wednesday. this could be good or bad relying on how you focus your energies. It are often a superb day for your career but a nasty day for relationships and romance.
We hit peak spooky Halloween vibes when sun enters mysterious and intense Scorpio on Thursday.
The weekend leaves us on an honest note when Venus trines Saturn (planet of foundation) on Saturday, making that an outstanding day to plan for the long term .
How the Planets Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign
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Important links Rasibhavishy

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Important links for Rasibhavishy

Important links for Rasibhavishy

Important links for Rasibhavishy

Important links for Rasibhavishy

Important links for Rasibhavishy

Important links for Rasibhavishy

Important links  Rasibhavishy

Click here to view Rasibhavishy Date 5-11-2020

Important links Rasi Bhavishya

Click here to view Rasibhavishy Date 4-11-2020

Click here to view Rasibhavishy Date 4-11-2020

Important links  Rasi Bhavishya

Click here to view Rasibhavishy Date 3-11-2020

click here to view Rasibhavishy Date 3-11-2020

Important links  Rasibhavishy

Click here to view Rasibhavishy Date 2-11-2020

Important links  Rasibhavishy

Click here to view Rasibhavishy Date:-1-11-2020

Important links  Rasibhavishy

Click here to view Rasibhavishy Date:-31-10-2020

It’s an honest time to urge any lingering errands done.


Monday goes to bring slightly of tension (and surprises) to your day. On Thursday, the cosmos will highlight your relationships over subsequent couple weeks. prepare to talk about issue


Monday could also be an excellent day to urge projects or ideas off rock bottom . you always have many ideas floating around, Gemini, but today will provide you with the follow through to really make them happen! Over the weekend, you’ll also become excited a couple of new passion.


The week brings positivity and light-weight as Venus and Jupiter make a sweet angle. this might assist you get your flirt on, since your confidence are reaching to be sky high, Cancer! quite that, it’ll cause you to extra attractive to others.


There’s an air of success floating around, Leo! afterward , the sun enters your family zone—encouraging you to be reception and spend time with loved ones.


Organizing is typically a “Virgo thing.” Well, guess what? The Venus-Pluto connectiopwtyn on Wednesday goes to feed your love for coordinating and reorganizing reception . Over the weekend, Thursday might see you getting hung au courant details. attempt to not things alarm you; you'll handle it h


This isn’t normally a Scorpiofavorite pastime, but you’ll be glad you most likely did . The sun enters your sign up Thursday, where it'll remain for subsequent couple weeks. Embrace it; you’ll feel more confident than ever!

Monday sees you questioning whether you need to truly be with someone or not. confirm that the Venus-Jupiter aspect isn’t blowing things out of proportion. Be objective. Be calm, Sagittarius. The weekend are getting to be a superb time to identify what your goals are.


, it’s all about work. Your favorite! But when the sun moves into Scorpio on Thursday, you'll feel barely moodier, Capricorn. this is often often normal!


As a tough and fast sign, compromise isn't your strong suit, Aquarius. and since of the Venus-Pluto trine on Wednesday, this tendency will begin full force. On Thursday, the sun moves into your sector of labor , asking you to redefine your career goals and what you'd like .
get creative and really embrace your ideas. Use this energy to start out out (or finish) any art projects. because the sun moves into Scorpio on Thursday, it'll even be ramping up your emotional waves. Stay calm and permit feelings to flow, Pisces.

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We have already read that, in line with the pottery excavated at Harappa and Mohenjo-daro, India had the knowledge to write down years, 3,000 years ago, but the printing work with China took place in about the fifth-sixth century.
It is said to start. Paper was also produced here during this time. The Portuguese are credited with bringing the primary press to India, as they tried to propagate their religion, in order that they used their press more for the publication of spiritual books. In 1557, some priests of Goa printed the primary book of India. . At the same time, the British installed the first printing press in India in Bombay in 1674, and in 1684 AD the East India Company installed the first printing press.

Attempts to determine the primary newspaper in India were made by Willem Bolts, a former Malay Archipelago Company official. He issued a notice in 1762 at Council Hall and other prominent places in Calcutta, stating that it was appropriate to inform the public in the absence of a raid.

The lack of raids for business is missing. . In the meantime, it'll Stil provide information like this. Interested persons can come to their home between 10 and 12 within the morning and devour copies of the knowledge sheets from there.
Today's newspaper
Today's newspaper 

Divya Bhaskar
Gujarat Samachar
Gujarat Samachar e-Paper
Sandesh e-Paper
Bombay Samachar
Jai Hind
Gujarat Mitra
Nav Gujarat Samay
Aaj Kaal
Gujarat Today
Sardar Gurjari
Kutch Mitra
Aankho Dekhi
Sanj Samachar

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Education Minister's announcement: Schools will open in Gujarat from November 23,.


Primary Education Federation Anand District held a gathering with the District commissioned officer


click here to view official press note

The National Federation of Education may be a fan of the national ideology of protecting the interests of teachers, establishing values with quality in education and welfare work through constructive activities.
According to the news in Divya Bhaskar Newspaper on 1.11.20, the representatives of Anand District commissioned officer Shri Gopalbhai Bamania Saheb were interviewed by the representatives of Educational Federation Anand District. during which it had been introduced that.The news within the newspapers is baseless.
start within the school after Diwali

During the lockdown during the Corona epidemic, teachers risked their lives to try and do their best to deliver NFS grain and MDM grain to the beneficiaries.

The teachers have also appealed to the govt to offer away the proper to foodgrains to the needy.
At an equivalent time, it's been introduced that if a government employee has given NFS grains to the needy people around him, he has also done a service Within Corona epidemic.

Under the guidance of Anand District Supply Officer's Office and MDM Deputy Collector's Office, the teachers of the district have always made efforts to form Anand district excellent in government add the state which has also been noted at the state level.

Respected Gopalbhai Bamania (Anand District commissioned officer and Deputy Collector) has listened to our presentation and appreciated the work of the teachers. The news in Divya Bhaskar paper dated 1.11.20 isn't supported by the office of the District commissioned officer and Its stated that as per the NFS Act, updation work goes on for the needy people to urge food  

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