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Friday, 7 January 2022

Competition between the bride and groom in the pavilion started at the behest of Panditji, people laughed when they saw the video

Wedding videos on social media these days are the taste of the season. Humorous and heartwarming videos of Indian weddings go viral every day. The grandeur and fun of the wedding halls is special in itself, which is also much loved by the viewers.

This is the reason why interesting videos of the wedding are also spread on social media, which people like very much. Wedding videos are going viral on social media. In which many funny and interesting clips of bride and groom go viral. As you all know, Indian weddings involve many rituals and traditions.

In today’s weddings, some fun elements are added to keep people from getting bored. In one such video, a bride and groom are playing a fun game during the wedding ceremony at the behest of their pundit. After the ceremony, Panditji asks both of them to play a game. He says about this game that whoever sits on the first chair will have the key to run the house in his hand.

Panditji lowered his hands and immediately both of them sat down on the chair. The two claim to be sitting on the chair at first, but after watching the video carefully it becomes clear that the bride has won. It is not known when and where the video came from, but it is being shared on many social media platforms.

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